We are proud to share with you that our Senior Gynecologist Dr.(Mrs) Lalit Yadav has personaly handled & operated more than 6000+ (normal + C-section) deliveries in her 13 year old career as gynecologist.In her leadership with a highly experienced & trained team of Pediatrician,Anesthetist,paramedicals & supportive staff we took utmost care to ensure that Natures most beautiful procedure is done without any complications.

We offer antenatal checkups with antenatal and parent craft classes are specially designed for mother to be and fathers to be in preparing for the task ahead, both physically and psychologically.

We offer Pain relief in labour by psychoprophylaxis (antenatal classes), epidural & T.E.N.S. (Trans Cutaneous Nerve Stimulation). Continuous electronic fetal heart rate monitoring (CTG) is available to watch your baby's condition in the process of labour as per international standards. We have trained residents monitoring the condition of mother and child round the clock under supervision of senior consultants. The aim is to provide painless labour.

We have well trained obstetricians to look after patients with high risk pregnancies in conjunction with medical specialist. Those with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, previous pregnancy losses, growth retarded babies etc. are looked after throughout the pregnancy and labour by this team. Advanced neonatal backup services are available.
Laparoscopic Surgeries: This includes Diagnostic Laparoscopoy,Trans abdominal/Vaginal Hyeterctomy,Myomectomy,Apendicectomy,Gall Bladder/Ureteric Stone removal etc.

Our consultant gynaecologist provide specialized medical and surgical management of gynecological problems like menstrual abnormalities, prolapsed, fibroids, other tumors of the uterus and ovaries includes tubal recanalisation by laparoscopic surgery.

This implies Vaginal Surgery Operations like:

  • Hysterectomy
  • Removal of ovarian cysts
  • Prolapse
  • Myomectomy
  • Polypectomy
  • Digital Video Colposcopy for Detection of precancerous lesions of cervix
  • LEETZ ( Loop excisions biopsy for benign lesion of cervix)
  • Cryosurgery
  • Office Hysteroscopy
  • Amino Infusion
  • Foetal Reduction

Heavy Periods, Treatment without operation (Uterine balloon therapy): Heavy Period is a common problem in women of reproductive age. Its aetiology in the absence of organic pathology, hormonal or haematological disorders remains largely unknown. Tradional medical therapy may not be a definitive treatment. Hysterectomy for this condition is a proper answer. The endometrial ablation uterine thermal balloon therapy has reduced these problems. Uterine balloon therapy is most recent, simple, safe and effective method for the treatment of heavy periods on day care basis.

  • Simple 30 minutes procedure that requires no hospital stay
  • No incision, no suture, no scar
  • Proven safe and effective – 96% of women treated reported normal or less bleeding.

Urinary problems of urgency, urge incontinence and stress urinary incontinence are assessed and managed medically and surgically as appropriate.

Comprehensive treatment of genital cancers of the uterus, cervix, vagina, vulva and ovaries is provided by oncosurgeons; in combination with medical oncologist and radiotherapists Laparoscopic treatment of certain gynaecological tumors is also performed.


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